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  • 04/15/18--17:51: Photo

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    i hate this dude with a burning passion. its just the same girl all over again. hes some russian dude who lives in japan n everyone thinks this is dope but like its all the exact same piece. he makes a living out of this


    this is what he makes per week. for drawing the same anime girl over and over again


    yall really think this is dope

    meanwhile artists who actually put effort and thought into their art and dont just draw barely legal looking anime girls struggle to get food :)

    @lesbianborzoi lmao these ppl just like to jack off to 12 year old looking anime girls. thats not effort that just drawing the 1 thing you know how to draw over and over and over again! hes a fucking professional artist got dam


    calm down @rosewaltz

    I don’t wanna

    imagine being 23 and still being mad your 8th grade art teacher told you to draw something other than anime and screaming about it on tumblr

    The art teacher telling you to draw smth other than anime was probably right too

    oh okay, you think these are “12 year old looking”

    damn bitch get your eyes checked

    “why dont i make as much as them???”


    This is so fucking embarrassing. OP get some art skills before you go (terribly) criticizing great artists

    PS these are other works by Ilya that you conveniently left out: 


    Yall are fucking pathetic. You talk as if this artist isnt working their ass off as much or even more than some of yall. From my knowledge Ilya draws for most of their day even drawing on the train. Do some digging before claiming others put no effort into their work on a fame starved jealousy basis.

    These kind of thing reek of the whole entitlement of ‘I do ‘real’ art and deserve to be paid, unlike SOME people’. Like no, this is a fellow artist, working their ass off and they won the lottery of having their talent realized and being paid for it. Maybe the reason you haven’t done the same is the bad attitude you have towards others in your community

    @sweetkimchii I agree!

    I’m gonna add my spiel to this:

    I can thoroughly understand the same face criticism, but a fair share of his work that’s not quite as popular actually doesn’t have the same face issue. Artists are constantly progressing through their style everyday, and I think this applies to Ilya.

    Like I said the criticism OP has is fairly understandable…. it’s an issue I’ve seen with some of his most popular work. Hell I’ve seen it a lot on Instagram with other artists, and it can be a bit disheartening to see someone draw literally the same thing over and over and get a massive following for doing the same thing.

    However going as far as to say that you “hate him” is kind of like I don’t know… ugly? You can critique someone sure, but being crusty about it isn’t genuine.

    Unless the artist is racist, homophobic, transphobic, a pedophile, etc., you really don’t have a thorough reason to actually hate the artist themselves.

    tl;dr being crusty isn’t criticism

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  • 04/16/18--10:28: Photo

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    Can we just… normalize teens loving their parents? Like obviously you’re not obligated to if your parents are shitty, but damn, I love my mom. She’s there for me all the time and sure we have rough patches but honestly she’s the greatest. Like. We need teens to know that they don’t have to hate their parents just cause.

    It must be nice to come from a nonabusive family. One that doesn’t traumatized every emotional interaction to the point where you drive away any sign of love as a form of manipulation because that’s all that you were raised with. 🤷‍♀️

    It is.

    Reading Comprehension  

    but loving ur parents is already normalized and its the kids w/ abusive parents that actually have to deal with misunderstandings and ignorance from others regarding this topic.

    Hey there, I’m talking about the trope where it’s seen as super uncool to like your parents that was literally pushed on teens through the media since the culture shift in the early 60s. The post has nothing to do with abusive parents. I was abused as a kid and honestly if the trope where teens have to hate their parents to be cool died, then kids with actual abusive parents would have an easier time recognizing abuse this has been a psa

    “if the trope where teens have to hate their parents to be cool died, then kids with actual abusive parents would have an easier time recognizing abuse”

    Teen with abusive parents: I hate my parents

    Teen influenced by society: Me too mine are the worst

    The takeaway for teen 1: This is normal and it’s supposed to be this way

    The takeaway for teen 2: My friend’s parents are like mine

    The takeaway for any adult listening: All kids who complain about their parents are just being rebellious

    this is important

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  • 04/16/18--10:29: Photo

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    The Addams Family (1991)

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    “You got fired from your cover job, Jesse” x

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    Straight men who always joke about hating their girlfriend are so fucking weird like imagine having a girlfriend and not treasuring and loving her every day smh grow up

    “treasuring” and “loving” your girlfriend will result in her quickly leave you. Girls HATE guys who treat them like goddesses. They view it as pathetic and weak.

    I hate it when people say shit like this like we get it you’re an

    yall hurt him so bad he deleted his Manchild Manifesto

    Such a little Matt Forney.

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  • 04/16/18--10:36: Photo

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    I hate that social media has created this environment where, if you aren’t talking about or posting something online, people assume it doesn’t exist. Even including your personality. Some stuff is just personal and so much goes on behind the scenes, I don’t need to bait my whole life out and reveal every thought and opinion just to ‘prove’ to randoms that I’m an interesting person and that I’m doing something with my life. Like who am I trying to impress? Who am I living for, you or me? If you wanna know who I am then talk to me, don’t think you know me cos you follow me on social media lool

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    We all know what erectile dysfunction is but literally no one is ever taught what vaginismus is and it can cause people to feel extremely lost, broken, and cause people to take their own lives.

    Raise. Awareness.

    For the uninformed, vaginismus is when the vagina painfully tightens and spasms when faced with pressure, usually from anything trying to insert into the vagina. It’s the reason I can’t wear tampons, and why many people can’t have vaginal sex without severe pain.

    There’s not a lot of treatments, and there isn’t a single one that is for vaginismus exclusively - they’re all medications or treatments to treat symptoms, but not the causes. In fact, for a long time doctors waved off vaginismus as a purely psychological disorder in cis women.

    Seriously, this is so unaddressed and uncared for in medical circles. Please spread awareness, even if all it’s for is to let those who have it but don’t have a name for it finally be able to understand what’s happening to their bodies.

    I’ve never even heard of this??

    This shit is very real y'all.

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    I just imagined a jeopardy category of solely vine references

    “I’ll take vines for $200 alex”

    “hurricane Katrina… more like ____”

    “What is hurricane tortilla?”

    “vines for $600″

    “back at it again at ______”

    “what is krispy kreme”

    “vines for 300”

    “this young man has remained illiterate his whole life”

    “who is jared”

    “vines for 400″

    “Two bro’s are chilling in a hot tub, five feet apart because they are what?”

    “what is not gay”

    “vines for 500″

    “the exclamation made upon discovering a bitch is empty”

    “what is yeet”

    “vines for 100”

    “you can come on out to Del Taco and get some of this”

    “what is FREE SHAVOCADOO”

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    How is this not a marina and the diamonds lyric

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    jim carrey grinch was chaotic neutral but mike myer’s cat in the hat was just straight up chaotic evil

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  • 04/16/18--14:43: Photo

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  • 04/16/18--16:23: Photo

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    Has this been done already or

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    Professor, for an hour: if you think about it we’re all in different realities….no one usually experiences the same thing and if I were to say ‘dog’ just about all of you would think of a different breed

    All of us:

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    can we please stop romance-coding the phrase “in love” that would be great thanks

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    I’m really tired of how expensive it is just to live