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Jello | 20 | ♀️ | ♐ ART BLOG | INSTAGRAM EDITS
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    “You’re only shipping those two characters for fun!!!” i mean… yes?

    as opposed to doing the hip new thing of picking a ship for its supposed ideological purity, and then not contributing anything to the community except shitty discourse and a toxic atmosphere, I guess?

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    THIS JUST IN: Local Father Commits Premeditated Murder

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  • 06/19/17--14:57: Photo

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    Monster High - Frankie Stein - Voltageous Fashion - From yet another late night sketch…. Maybe I will have to start actually making the dolls that feature my designs…. or look into getting my designs made into clothes :)

    Might not have so much art for a while as I need to spend all my free time preparing my new house so OH and I have a nice place to live ; - ; But I will finally have a studio to work in !!

    Close up here :

    Process is here for those who are interested:

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  • 06/19/17--14:58: Photo

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  • 06/19/17--14:58: mondisney:Monster high

  • mondisney:

    Monster high

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  • 06/19/17--14:59: Photo

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    every time a post containing the word “pedophilia" pops up on my dash i have to fucking squint at it like a 90 year old librarian trying to decipher an ancient lovecraftian text of the furthest realms just to figure out if it means “actual child abuse" or “shipping a fictional 17 year old with a fictional 18 year old"

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    brb laughing my ass off

    the fuck is a texas bender


    In Texas, we bend propane and propane accessories.

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    humans getting a reputation amongst the galaxy for doing totally absurd and reckless things, like making absolutely ridiculous flight paths through asteroid belts, or hitting warp speed for a five mile trip, or devoting 90% of the power of a ship’s onboard computer to their personal laptop so they can torrent abba’s discography, or mixing rocket fuel with mentos to see what happens

    and at first other species are like….. okay we’d better not have humans on the crew if they’re this dangerous….. but then when they notice the humans are actually getting a lot more done and advancing super fast because they take such absurd risks “just to see if it works” it becomes commonplace to have a group of at least four humans on every ship in the fleet

    no other species previously had a word in their language that equated to “fuck it” but within a century “fuck it” is regarded as an immensely wise proverb

    I can see this happening the first time they let them on board and it would go something like this.

    “Commander, the hyper drive has been repaired and we should reach destination within eight [hours].”

    “Wonderful news lead [engineer] vicnae.”

    “…..Commander, I have a question.”

    “What is it Vicnae? Another permit for a small experiment?”

    “…….it’s about the human, Maya. She has been an asset to our group, but I fear her tactics are…..questionable…..”

    “How so?”

    “She fixed the hyper drive using two rolls of ballistic rubber tape and an item they call a ‘hair brush’.”



    “…..She wanted to ask if you would be able to lend us another roll of rubber tape just in case anything goes wrong.”

    “…….what even are humans vicnae?”

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  • 06/20/17--16:15: Help save found kitten
  • Help save found kitten:


    Hey guys I found a kitten in a Safeway parking lot and he needs an xray and has an infected wound. I’ll post more updates later but he’s with the doctor right now.

    Please signal boost!

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    What if someone got bitten by a vampire, but didn’t realize it. So then they go around and keep misidentifying all the symptoms, like

    “Dude, you haven’t gone outside in a while.”
    “Yeah, last time I went out I got this wicked sunburn.”

    “Are you still up?”
    “Yeah, I started bing watching this show on Netflix.”

    “Dude, I’m seriously craving something right now.”
    “Like what?”
    “I dunno. Pizza rolls?”

    “Why is it that you never come into my house unless I invite you?”
    “Um, it’s called ‘being polite’…?”

    “I tried cooking with garlic the other night and got this serious burn on my hand. I think I’m allergic, but all I’m getting on Google is vampire bullshit.”

    “Dude can a mirror like… stop working or something?”

    “Dude, why do you keep posting pictures of the floor?”
    “…Those are meant to be selfies, I guess my camera must be broken.”

    “Dude, I am all for you expressing your religious beliefs, but could you not wear your crucifix when I’m around? It really bugs me for some reason.”

    “Have you ever noticed how cute bats are? like really noticed? sweet lil balls of fluff with wings man.”

    “I want to sleep in a coffin…ya kno, for like… aesthetic”

    “What’s with your thing about necks lately?”


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    So anyway 71 years ago italy decided that they didn’t want their kings anymore and now the direct successor of that lineage has a food truck in california and I couldn’t be more proud of my country

    (photos and news from dissapore)

    thank you @thomassmcgraw for bringing me this awesome news.

    Wish they’d just do this in the UK already. I’d like those posh phuds a lot more if they were just regular people that’s for damn sure

    Trust me this one is way worse than them. this new business arrived after trying a long line of douchy endeavours including asking a few years ago our government for millions of euro in reparation for the fact that we chose republic over their family (whom, let’s remember, allowed Mussolini to run rampant). 

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    A post shared by PandaPunch (@expired_nep_bull) on



    This is EXACTLY how it happened


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    the level of pettiness, stubbornness and thriftiness

    he is amazed


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    Dog names: Spot, Bella, Bailey, Charlie, Daisy
    Cat names: Princess, Whiskers, Tony, Tiger, Missy
    Horse names: Infinite Sleep, Can Do Without Moving, Thirty Giant Children, The Void Is Among The Spirit Realm, Aaaaaaaaaawesome Man, Cloud Computing

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    the year is 2025

    scientists are still scrambling to figure out what “zigazig ahh” is so that they can give the spice girls what they really really want

    the spice girls are getting impatient

    war is upon us

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    Every computer needs a “cleaning keyboard” mode where the keys would be inactive while you wipe them down

    why not just clean it while the computer is shut down?

    while the computer is what now

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    i havent seen some of these in any of the vine compilations ive watched so uhhh. here’s my own.